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Welcome to little novelist

If your dream is to fill the world with your stories, then you've come to the right place!

My mission is to be the writer who inspires you to make your book-writing dreams a reality, supplying you with practical ways to get those fantastic stories out of your head and into reader’s hands!


Create a drool-worthy story that hooks readers and is impossible to put down.

Plan and stick to a writing routine that will allow you to finally write THE END.

Learn more about the craft & find your writing tribe so that you don't walk this road alone.

Keep scrolling to discover my best tips, tricks & resources. Let’s get that book written!

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But…who are you? 

I'm Rhianne

A girl obsessed with finding story ideas, getting lost in other authors words and helping other writers rock their novels. My job is to provide you with advice on the writing craft.

I am a fantasy author, and award-winning blogger. When I'm not writing, blogging or creating resources to help my fellow writers, you can find me catching my own plot bunnies, lost in the latest television programme or snuggled on the sofa with a good book.

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want to find your story’s idea?

Trying to be original isn't always the best way to start off with finding your story idea. But, finding a unique take on Vampires, Witches and Elves, depending on your type of story, is easier than you think. 

Never get stuck figuring out your story idea again when you have dedicated prompts to help you develop your snippets into a full blown novel.

Sign up to the Library and download the FREE Generating Novel Ideas Workbook for ideas on how to find your story idea. It's closer than you think. You’ll also have access to 20+ more resources

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