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Whether you’re here to plot your novel, create spellbinding characters or an epic fantasy setting, I am here you help you make those dreams a reality. Chatting to other authors always gets my fire going and I love nothing more than helping them plot, figure out what is and isn’t working in their books and watching their stories come to life when they finally hold a book in their hands.

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Rhianne, formally known as R. S. Williams, is a Somerset UK based fiction author of fantasy novels, The Collective Series and The Kane Saga.

In 2015, she decided to start giving back to the writing community all that she had learned with a blog offering writing advice, inspiration, ways to live a balanced lifestyle, and book reviews of her most recent reads, along with guest posts from other writers. There is a free resource library for writers who sign up to her newsletter.

Rhianne lives with her husband and two cats. Outside of writing she has a full-time office job, watches far too much Netflix and always has a book on the go. She adores everything fantasy and sci-fi, drinks just enough water and can spend an entire day playing the Xbox.

Current projects I am working on;

  1. Kingdom of Lies (The Kane Saga #1): Submission

  2. Victorian Myth (The Collective #3): With Alpha Readers

  3. Return of the Dragons (The Kane Saga #2): Revision

  4. Threads of Betrayal (The Kane Saga #3): Resting (82,772)

  5. Tournament of the Elite (The Kane Saga Prequel): Work In Progress

  6. The Guthrie Legacy (Witches of Eunoris #1): On Hold

  7. Idea Stage Only - Fantasy 6-book Series, Standalone, Sci-Fi 6-book Series


More about me?

Since the day my mother put a book in my hand, I have been getting lost in other peoples stories. Writing my own novels came as a natural progression after I read everything in sight. Not that any of my early work is really something to shout about. Eleven year old me didn’t know how to construct a story back then.

I'm an enthusiastic reader, and wordsmith, and also a Hufflepuff with a Patronus of a Black Mamba. I write fantasy novels and I am an award-winning blogger. I also have two cats, one jet black called Theo and one black and white called Frankie. They’re my favourite writing companions.

Little Novelist is where I write and create resources, including my blog archives, Novelista Newsletter and the worksheets in the Novelista Library.  When I'm not writing for the blog, I can be found either at my desk or on the sofa writing novels for The Collective series and The Kane Saga.

Alongside this I read either during my lunch break at work or most evenings (unless Love Island is on), spend a lot of time with my friends and family and watch FAR too much TV - but who doesn't. Netflix anyone?

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