Whether you’re here to plot your novel, create spellbinding characters or an epic fantasy setting. I am here you help you make those dreams a reality.

Since the day my mother put a book in my hand, I have been getting lost in other peoples stories. Writing my own novels came as a natural progression after I read everything in sight. Not that any of my early work is really something to shout about. Eleven year old me didn’t know how to construct a story back then.

Chatting to other authors always gets my fire going and I love nothing more than helping them plot, figure out what is and isn’t working in their books and watching their stories come to life when they finally hold a book in their hands.


More about me?

I'm an enthusiastic reader, and wordsmith, and also a Hufflepuff with a Patronus of a Black Mamba. I write fantasy novels and I am an award-winning blogger. I also have two cats, one jet black called Theo and one black and white called Frankie. They’re my favourite writing companions.

Little Novelist is where I write and create resources, including my blog archives, Novelista Newsletter and the worksheets in the Novelista Library.  When I'm not writing for the blog, I can be found either at my desk or on the sofa writing novels for The Collective series and The Kane Saga.

Alongside this I read either during my lunch break at work or most evenings (unless Love Island is on), spend a lot of time with my friends and family and watch FAR too much TV - but who doesn't. Netflix anyone?

Current projects I am working on;

  1. Kingdom of Lies (The Kane Saga #1): Submission

  2. Victorian Myth (The Collective #3): Revision

  3. Return of the Dragons (The Kane Saga #2): Revision

  4. Elven Betrayals (The Kane Saga #3): Work In Progress (47,717)

  5. The Guthrie Legacy (Witches of Eunoris #1): Plotted

  6. Idea Stage Only - Fantasy 6-book Series, Standalone, Sci-Fi 6-book Series

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