Nice to see you Novelista

Let me be your personal writing hand so you can write the novel itching to be told. 

You absolutely love creating characters and their worlds, from the protagonist to the villain and it's this need (and their insistent pestering) that drives you to create their stories. 

However, you're at a crossroads in your writing journey and you aren't sure which direction to take. You want to be on the path that feels right and leads you to become the author you know you can be.

You'd love to get your novel from your brain to paper, outlined or planned, and into other people's hands but you need little help getting from A to B. 

Whether you're planning on self-publishing or traditionally publishing, each writing journey starts the same way and working together we can get you on the right track. 

- Need help with developing an outline, creating a schedule for finishing your work-in-progress, or simply have some questions you want answered? Grab a Consultation with me. 

- Want me at your disposal for any of your needs either via e-mail, a weekly online session, or edit 5000 words? Keep me on Retainer.

- Think your first chapters could do with sprucing up? I offer Chapter Critiques for up to three chapters.

Which will you choose?


$65/ 60min session or $35/ 30min session

One-on-one electronic sessions are offered on a booking-only basis.  

I can help with the following;
- developing an outline
- character development
- creating a writing schedule
- answering any questions you have
- something your specifically want to work on. 

Please specify what you want to work on when you send a message with the contact form. $20 deposit is required to book a slot. This is non-refundable. 

On Retainer
$100 a month

Have me at your disposal for any of your needs either via e-mail, a weekly online session, or edit 5000 words. Minimum of Two-Month Commitment.

Choose between; 
- 1 weekly 30min Skype / Google Hangout call
- 2 weekly e-mail support
- 1 lookover 5,000 words

Each month can vary depending on needs. Turnaround time for 5,000 words is 12 days. 

Chapter Critique

This critique will include the following: grammar and punctuation, sentence structure/flow, minor developments and suggestions for improvement on overall readability.

It will NOT include any major developments, ideas for endings/scenes or any future books etc. It is strictly a critique of the chapter(s) and ways to improve upon them. 

All documents will need to be sent in word doc or docx format to allow for track changes and suggestions, along with overall comments. 

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