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A writers journey can be a lonely one, but that doesn't mean you should travel it alone. There is a wealth of knowledge and writers out there who will be more than happy to share their experience and provide help along the way. Some of them will become your tribe and you'll exchange services for free, and other services you'll have to pay for. But it's all in aid of making you a great writer, overcoming any doubts you had and getting your book out into the world. 

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Sometimes we just need someone else to cast an eye over our work. It helps us spot things that we may or may not have noticed before, and maybe even see things in a new light. A fresh pair of eyes is vital to any manuscript and/or blurb to make sure you're hooking your readers and bringing them to the conclusion that they need to read your book. 

-Chapter Critique's (1-5 only)
-Blurb/Synopsis Critiques

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1-1 Sessions

Hang out with me for an entire hour long sesion and lets smash those doubts you're having. Pick my brain, get my advice and guidance on any stage of the writing process whether that be going through and creating an outline for your story, helping you come up with ideas for scenes you might have missed, or smooth out any kinks that have arisen. 

If you're looking for 1-1 coaching and feedback, I'm here for you writer. 


The Novelista Membership

Prefer to work in a group? Join the Novelista Membership. Becoming a member gives you access to help & feedback on whatever part of the writing process you are at, monthly live group coaching, access to the three phases of writing a book (plus any and all updates), Sections 4-6 of the Author Basics e-Book series (plus bonus sections 7 + 8) and access to the Facebook group!

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