Rhianne Williams, formally known as RS Williams, writes Fantasy, Adventure and Romance novels. As an avid reader Rhianne has always been in love with the written word and the emotions a good story can create.

Discovering she had a knack for creating stories as a teenager, she started work on her first story. However, at 16 the mundane adult world called her back to an admin job and Rhianne put writing on the back burner until she turned 20. Rediscovering her fascination with writing and creating Rhianne then threw herself back into her writing in 2014.

When she isn't catching plot bunnies, typing up her creations or writing on her blog, you'll find her in front of the television watching her favourite shows, spending time with her family and getting lost in others fictional worlds. 

Working on:

Most covers are just placeholders. More info will be added soon and covers updated as and when they are made.

YA Fantasy/Adventure: A curious university student gets forcefully whisked away on an adventure back in the 1700's by a man seeking revenge, her only saviour a library frequenter with lots of secrets.

Matilda Gregson never knew a world outside hers existed, that is until Harvey comes along and shows her something beyond her imagination. All that is on Tilly’s mind is finishing her dissertation, getting her degree, and spending time with her friends before the end of the school year. 

But everything changes when she meets Jenny, an agent of a secret society, and nothing prepared either of them for the adventure they are about to endure. Under the pressures of surviving, their friendship grows and they find friends in the most unlikely of places, and betrayal just around the corner.

Will they both be able to stop him before he tears Jenny’s society to the ground?

YA Fantasy/Adventure: The Sequel to The Collective. The girls find themselves on a training mission turned real life scenario, as priests, pharaohs and little sisters get them at every turn, their only hope is putting trust in those they've only just met. 











Fantasy: A forgotten Prince returns to protect the current Princess, until assassins come and unearth secrets that have been hidden, about his past.  











Book Two: More Info Coming Soon












Book Three: More Info Coming Soon


In non-fiction, she is working on a short e-book on writing sci-fi and fantasy. 

Non Fiction: